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In the world of betting is very important to find the right partners and make the right choices. That’s why after years of searching and developing we finely made a product that works perfectly and we can offer to all of our users one system that works great. It’s was not easy to reach this level, but now the future seems very bright.

So, now you will ask yourself what’s the deal. Well, we don’t need your money, because we earn from our partners and advertisement. So, we work for you and our partners pay for it! That’s a perfect relationship!

We do the hard work for you and all you need to do is make the bet and get your money! So, good luck to all of you and have fun with our team gives you the possibility to get all the analyses that we make every day and use them to make the right bet at the right moment. We analyze the matches from the daily betting card and choose the best of them for you. You don’t have to search for injuries, suspensions, start teams and much more important information to decide for yourself which matches are the right for your betting strategy.

Money management is very important in this business but your decisions must be made, when you are calm and with the knowledge that you can’t always win and have every day big profit. There will be some bad days and in this moments you just have to be strong and follow our predictions and your personal system. We give you the opportunity to have your time for you and don’t worry about searching the web for injuries, suspensions, squads and any other information that matters to you as a bettor.

The decisions you make are only your responsibility and we can’t guarantee you profit, success or sure bets and money. We only provide you tips for the matches we choose and you decide how or if you use it.

Hello and welcome to , all of you tipsters and bettors! We are glad to see that you are interested on betting advices, betting tips and predictions. We provide you every day Soccer tips, Basket tips and Tennis tips we give you our matches for free. All of our users have the same information and they can use it the way they want. We can also give you some special advices when it comes to money management or betting strategy. Our team provides also a little bit of other information and recent news in order to satisfy the users if they want to read something more about a game, squad, match, injuries or suspensions. The main reason to make this web was to reach as many as possible users and friends and to have fun and make some money with our betting tips. It is absolutely free of charge for you and for everyone who visit our web. However, if you have a web that needs some advertisement, you can always contact our team under:

We are trying hard to choose the best matches from the betting card and give you all you need to make a good bet. Don’t have to worry about odds, matches or whatever you need to read and find about the match that you want to bet to. Just pick one ore more of our tips and do the bet online! Don’t forget that we are not responsible for your betting strategy, wins or loses and your budget. We only give you the tips and it’s all to you to be successful and have fun every day! site is for amateurs, beginners and experienced fans of football online betting. We know that our customers love football and therefore will help you to find the winning side of the game. Especially for you, we offer totally free football predictions. is a site, which employs professional tipsters with years of experience. After an analysis of the information, they provide you every day from three to seven estimates from different leagues, but leave the choice entirely to you.

In addition, at your disposal is our paid prediction – VIP Tip. With the purchase you get a prediction for one game a day with odds of 1.50 /2.50 (odds value is given by the bookmaker for each game and serves to calculate the profit higher coefficient respectively greater profit). The predictions receive on your email after pay .

To save valuable time and money, it is worth it to trust the team of

Welcome to ! This is the best site for absolutely free soccer betting tips ! We are young and ambitious team of soccer tipsters and our purpose is to make long term profit from betting on soccer matches ! You can visit the site every single day to get the daily soccer bets and hope really to help you make good football bets which will bring good profit to you !

In the soccer matches we provide percentages for 1X2 and Over/Under 2.5 Goals , the idea of these percentages is to determine which bets are more secure , percentages are made from our football tipsters according to the analysis , sport news , betting statistics and many other factors !

We wish success to every soccer bettor and hope together to make good profit from betting ! For questions or VIP analysis for chosen from you soccer match just write to

Today soccer predictions are specially analyzed by our professional tipsters ! Hope to help you with making long term profit ! is a site for absolutely free soccer predictions and picks. Our main purpose is to deliver to all our readers daily real good soccer betting tips which will bring a steady profit every day and this way our readers to make additional profit or even the high rollers bettors to make huge money from our betting tips . Every day on our site our team will publish between 4-8 soccer predictions according to the daily betting card , the odds will be low and higher , but all the picks will have big probability for win according to our analysis .

In the left sidebar on the site there is a section with 3 tipsters who are working for usand every day they give 1 prediction which is bet of the day soccer picks according to their statistics and analysis. Review all the 3 soccer tipsters and finally choose your best tipster to follow him every day in the future .

On the Home Page above and in the footer, and also in the right sidebar  there  are banners of – this is really one of the best bookmakers in the whole world which provides a lot of promotions and all betting markets , and all our soccer picks will be find there with the biggest odds in the internet ! We guarantee that if you register by clicking on our banners your registration will be absolutely secure and you will get a nice 100% bonus with your first deposit . Success to every bettor !

Free Soccer Bets is a website for daily professional soccer predictions! We provide well analyzed soccer picks for free! Our idea is to help many people to get good football predictions which will help them to make nice profit from betting.

We have two categories of predictions – soccer favourites and soccer single bets. In the soccer favourites betting section you will be able to see every day the most secure soccer predictions with small odds but safer, all the matches here have chance of success more than 90% according to our analysis. In the Soccer single bets betting section you will find soccer matches with bigger odds between 1.70-2.20 and these matches you must bet on single, all the matches here have value odds because have also good chance of success!

We try to give our best in every day soccer predictions but you decide which soccer picks to follow.

We also have 1 VIP TIP every day, this tip cost money – this is because it is the best tip analyzed by our tipsters and have chance of success more than 94%. With these money we maintain our site and pay to our professional tipsters who work for you more than 9 hours every day! In the VIP TIP section we really guarantee sure success in a monthly base and guaranteed profit from betting!

Success to everyone using the services of

Vip Betting Tip is a professional betting company created by young and ambitious people who make money betting on sports and the idea is to help more people to make profit from betting on soccer , betting on tennis or betting on basketball !

Our team has different kind of tipsters – we are very good in maths , sport betting news , betting statistics , making analysis for every single game and succeed to create one good betting prediction for our serious customers ! We really want to work with serious bettors who see the incredible value in our betting work and know that success every single month and success in a long term is really guaranteed if you follow our vip predictions only and listen to our recommendations about bank management of the bets !

Vip Soccer Predictions is a professional betting company created specially for real and serious investors in the soccer betting niche!

Here you will find the best soccer tips that you need for your guaranteed long term success !

We are the fair company , we promise secure profit every single month following our services , we have good days and bad days and it is normal in the betting business , but at the end of the month with our soccer predictions and appropriate bank management of the bets we guarantee secure profit from betting on soccer matches !

Our tipsters work very hard 24/7 trying to produce the best soccer predictions for our serious customers and bring them profit ! Our team is made by only professional soccer betting tipsters who have big experience in the sport betting area ! Believe in our abilities and start making money with the winning team of

Guru Soccer Bets

We really guarantee secure monthly profit and secure long term profit of course with Tipster Guru Bets . For this purpose you must follow some rules and be disciplined to be sure in the final success !

We recommend to follow Tipster Guru Bets every day and in a long temr without misses a day ! Yes it will have good days and bad day but finally profti will be made every single month because of the good soccer predictions of Tipster Guru and because of the appropriate bank management of the bets that you will do !

Tipster Guru every day give 4 betting options – Asian Handicap bet , Over/Under bet , Over 1.5 goals combo ,Combo Bet.
You must have 4 different betting bankrolls for any options and to follow the rules : When tips from one section is a WIN next day put same stake of bet , when tips from one section is a LOSE next day put bigger stake calculated according to the daily odd and if hit the WIN to cover the loss and make clear profit too immedaitely ! Other important rule is NO EMOTIONS during the betting work !

Hope everything to be more clear for you dear serious bettors , but if you have other questions you can just write us to our email address :

Bets Wizard

Betswizard is a fully professional betting company and one of the best resources in the sport betting business nowadays ! Our main purpose is to work with real professional bettors/people who appreciate our hard work and see the great value in our consultant services , and together to achieve steady profit in a long term base.


We have group of professional betting tipsters in our company , and they wok seriously every single day trying to bring you the best predictions daily . We offer 2 or 3 single soccer bets every day according to the betting card . Odds are between 1.70 and 2.20 and the idea is the percentage of success to be bigger , and if you follow our predictions every day and use our pofessional advices about bank management of the bets then we can really guarantee you secure long term profit!

Football Advices

Just the best professional soccer tipsters nowadays !

Bettor Soccer

BettorSoccer is a professionl betting company for soccer and sport predictions . Our main purpose is to give our customers well-analyzed predictions every single day – big probability of success added with big odd , and this way with appropriate bank management of the bets we want our serious customers/professional bettors to be in a clear profit every single month during the year .

Our offices are based on Eastern Europe because our tipsters are from Eastern Europe too . We pay wages to 6 professional betting tipsters and 1 administrator of the site . The tipsters every day try to provide really the best bets accrording ot the daily sport betting card , and our Admin make different conversations via email with our customers or future customers , trying to help them about the bets – bank management for 1 day and management for long period of time , explain how every single betting sections on site works and what to expect . All this team work for you and your profits 24/7 in the week , because it is clear that when you ( our customers ) make profit we make profit too , and this way if we work togther in a long term both of the sides will be happy .

Let our professional work deserves your trust !

Soccer Investors

aboutWe are team of professional punters in the sphere of football  and football betting and our purpose is professionally to analyze our predictions and make monthly profit for us and simultaneously to help all our customers also to be successful like us.

We have different specialists in the soccer betting niche :

– tipsters who make their football predictions according to deep statistics and recent sport form of the teams

– tipsters who make their soccer predictions according to mathematics probabilities , head to head results and value of the odds

– tipsters who make their soccer tips according to their experience and routine and a lot of football matches that they watched in the past .

The mixture of this professional tipsters and all the plenty of football knowledges in our betting team allow us to produce something like an algorithm used in all betting sections to succeed making good percentage success rate of soccer winners , which bring us good and steady profit ! Join us today and profit in a long term is really guaranteed !

Sport Betting Tips

Welcome to our site – professional betting company for successful sport predictions . We are team of professional punters and tipsters and we will help you to make steady profit from betting on different sport events . Our big experience in the sport betting business gives us confidence that 100% success in the betting is impossible . We do not mess or talk about “fixed” matches , but we just guarantee 75% success rate in all betting sections in a monthly base where we provide quality betting picks .

Asian Soccer Picks is a professional company of tipsters with big experience in the betting soccer industry and more experience in the Asian Handicaps and Goal Lines  asian markets. Our company have 3 tipsters fro all 3 betting sections and an Admin to answer your questions about bank managements and memberships on our mail .

All the team of tipsters every day analyze and preview all the informations about the matches from the daily betting card it is their job and this is the way trying to give every day the best football betting tips

Profi Bettor

Welcome to ! This is the betting place only for serious bettors using high amounts of sums and want to make professional bets every day ! Following our football and tenis tips and using our full support about bank management of the bets the success is guaranteed

Studio Betting

Welcome to Studio Betting ! We are team of professional tipsters working on this lifetime and earning our money only with betting on sports.Our team have all the knowledges about football and other sports to make successful betting predictions and inverting them in nice money. If you believe in our abilities and results you can easily make enough money,it is guaranteed ! Invest money in our studio betting team and you will be happy every day!

Soccer Betting Hints

Soccer Betting Hints is a professional sport betting company, our purpose is to provide professional predictions and really well analyzed betting tips.

We want to be really the fair betting company, which gives our customers winning predictions in a long term and bring good profit to our clients !

Below you may read more information about our 3 betting sections which we offer, and the three of them are carefully tested during the time to be able to provide these professional betting services

VIP SOCCER BET is a special prediction of our betting company . In this betting section the idea is the wrong bets to be minimized and for that reason we offer VIP SOCCER BET only in case that our analysis , information and algorithms show probability for success more than 95% . Here loses are also possible but very rarely and we really can guarantee sure monthly profit ! We decide when to offer VIP SOCCER BET according to the daily betting card and we may have 2 to 5 VIP BETS per week . We recommend VIP SOCCER BET for serious bettors and high rollers , who want to work with us really professionally like bettors and to make really good income monthly !

VIP TENNIS BET is a special prediction of our betting company . Here we offer very good selected tennis bets with incredibly big chance of success because we really have the best tennis tipsters , and also in the tennis betting surprises are really minimized on the big ATP tournaments . We invest a lot of money in our tennis tipsters and pay them traveling all over the world and watching many tennis matches in order to be always on form and give our customers the best tennis predictions .We have VIP TENNIS BET 2 to 7 times per week due to the tennis tournaments from ATP and of course decisions of our tennis tipsters .

FOOTBALL ACCUMULATOR BET is a betting section of Soccer Betting Hints company , which provide betting tips every day . Here the idea is to make profit from the betting business in a long term and our tipsters try to prepare really safe football accumulator bets containing 2 soccer bets with combo odd between  1.70-2.10 . This betting section is suitable for normal bettors and professional bettors too !

If you have any questions about memberships , promotions , bets , bank management of the bets , just write us on our mail address :