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asianprofitpicks is the right place for your betting strategy and money management. We work hard every day in order to give you the unique opportunity to save some time and money and get all the important information that you need to make the right bet at the right time.

We analyze the matches from the daily betting card and choose the best of them for you. You don’t have to search for injuries, suspensions, start teams and much more important information to decide for yourself which matches are the right for your betting strategy. We also give you some good advice on how to bet and how to be smart and win money for a long period of time.


Hello dear friend,

we are young and we want to show you the people, who really think that the youngsters need

more time and to be successful is not to be smart, strong or do something special. You just have to know something that the other people don’t and then use it.That’s why we made this company and want to work with other youngsters and make really good money together with our knowledge and skills and to be successful at the end of the month. We pay wages to 6 professional betting tipsters and 1 administrator of the site

asianbettingtips gives you the possibility to get all the analyses that we make every day and use them to make the right bet at the right moment.

You don’t have to look for any information every day on the web to make your own betting strategy. If you want to ask our tipsters some questions don’t hesitate to use our contact form.


our team is not big, but we are very motivated to do our job as good as possible. We have 6 tipsters and 1 admin and we have worked together since 2007.Some of our tipsters were professional soccer players and others are those who make our best strategy. We are very dedicated to our business and work very hard to make our customers happy and give them the opportunity to make some good money and be successful. So, if you want to work with us and get some of our knowledge, don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Bettpicks gives you the unique opportunity to use our knowledge and experience in order to place the right bet at the right moment. Our tipsters are working for you every day and use the most modern betting tools. They use information like injuries, suspensions, team managers and much more useful statistics so that they choose wisely the matches with the highest win chance.

We have experience that you can use with your budget management and Bank roll management.


With our services, we want to offer you something that can help you to improve your betting strategy and your personal tactics for a single bet tiptop bet tip or basketball bet tip.

No matter if you are a rookie or a bettor with some experience you can always get some more of our information or knowledge. We will do the hard work for you and let you have the matches for the betting day, you don’t have to worry about your personal time

ProfiTipster is the web for people who have fun when they bet and want to have a good partner in this business. We provide you bet services and do the hard work for you.